China Trade and Investment

We are one of the few law firms which pioneered China practice in the late 1970's. In 1979, we advised and prepared documentation of the first real estate project in Guangzhou for sale in Hong Kong. In the early 1980's, when the Special Economic Zone was set up in Shenzhen, our firm was naturally called upon to advise and assist in the development of tracts of land near the Shenzhen railway station. From then onwards, our China practice grew in parallel with phases of economic development in China, and our firm has been providing legal services in different areas relating to PRC trade and investment.


  • Foreign direct investment

    • Advising foreign investors on the advantages and disadvantages of various investment vehicles in China such as the foreign-invested enterprises
    • Preparing feasibility study reports, joint venture contracts, articles of association and other documents relating to the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises
    • Representing clients in their acquisition of equity interest in joint ventures
    • Advising clients generally on doing business in China such as setting up of representative office, employment of expatriates and local staff, management and control, settlement of disputes
  • PRC assets security and mortgage

  • PRC Property transactions

  • General Commercial