Private Wealth & Family Offices

With its low tax rate under a simple territorial tax system and endowed with the English common law legal system, Hong Kong is determined to be a regional hub for asset management and family offices. Understanding the succession needs and investment objectives of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals and families, our Firm has dedicated its team of seasoned multi-disciplinary lawyers with profound connections with the Greater China Region and global support through our Meritas legal alliance network to provide comprehensive legal services for matters ranging from family office set-up, trust and estate planning, custodian services, to strategies for wealth growth and preservation, including inter alia:

  • establishment and structures of family offices
  • formation of local and overseas companies, funds and trusts
  • incorporation of charitable trusts and organizations and obtaining tax exemption status in Hong Kong and overseas
  • advising clients on regulatory compliance and exemptions
  • legal and tax planning
  • advising clients on family governance and trust administration to ensure proper management of family offices
  • advising clients on a wide range of investment strategies and management such as mergers and acquisitions, outbound & inbound investment, shareholders agreement and joint ventures, private equity and real estate, assets purchase such as yachts, sports clubs and art collection
  • financing and lending
  • employment and immigration matters
  • estate & trust planning and administration including advising on will preparation, intestacy, trustees’ duties and obligations and related compliance issues
  • business succession planning, transfer and protection of personal wealth
  • contentious trust and probate matters