Wills, Probate & Trust

Estate and trust planning is essential for our high net-worth private clients. Our probate and administration practice group has extensive experience in effective administration of probate and estate matters both in Hong Kong and overseas. Our works encompass providing professional advice on various aspects of trust-related and probate matters, such as advising Hong Kong and offshore trusts and on the rights of the parties to the trusts including the trustee’s obligations and compliance issues; setting up and advising on the management of family trusts including offshore trusts; preparing and advising on wills and settlement; advising and administering probates; and advising on the establishment and operation of share award and incentive schemes for private and listed companies (including foreign exchange and tax compliance advisory matters involving PRC domestic employees and PRC domestic companies); arrangements on provisions to dependency upon incapacity or on death to administrative services such as preparation of Wills and application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.


  • Establishment of trust
  • Preparation of will
  • Advice on intestacy
  • Estate planning including those with foreign elements and/or elements of complicated domicile issues and/or shareholding structures in companies
  • Application for Probate, Letters of Administration and Letters of Administration with Will annexed
  • Application for Grant of Double Probate, Grant De Bonis Non, Cessate Grant and other types of Grant
  • Application for resealing of Grants obtained in the foreign jurisdictions in Hong Kong and vice versa (i.e. application for resealing of Grants obtained in Hong Kong in the foreign countries)
  • Application for Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate in foreign jurisdictions
  • Preparation of Deed of Family Arrangement
  • Preparation of Assent
  • Advice on Administration and Distribution of Estate
  • Advice on use of Powers of Attorney, living wills and court guardianship and adoption proceedings

Our probate and administration practice group has close cooperation with the firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department and it enables us to deliver comprehensive services for virtually every need a client might have.